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Carla Companion, a.k.a. The Beer Babe


Carla Companion is also known by her online name, The Beer Babe. Her website The Beer, is home to beer reviews, beer adventures and musings on all things craft beer. She's been writing about beer since starting her blog in 2007, and has recently become focused on the New England area's craft beer scene. Located in Portland, ME, she is at the center of a growing and thriving craft beer community, and never turns down an opportunity to talk about what's brewing in New England.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Bars
    • LFK - Portland, ME
    • Novare Res Bier Cafe - Portland, ME
    • The Lion's Pride - Brunswick, ME
    • Portsmouth Brewery - Portsmouth, NH
    • The Barley Pub - Dover, NH
  • Favorite Places To Buy Beer
    • Tully's Beer & Wine - Wells, ME
    • Bier Cellar - Portland, ME
    • Smiley's Beverage - Dover, NH (closed)
  • In 2013, The Beer Babe will begin a quest to visit all of the breweries in Maine.

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