Episode 12

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{{#ev:youtube|41XDAfg-cIY|400|right|Episode 12 aired November 5, 2012. Click here to play the video}}

Episode 12 - MovemBEER

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Brian's photo from Maine Brewers Festival
Host Connect Beer Sampled During Show
Brian Aldrich Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.png Instagram.png Youtube.png Stone Lukcy Basartd Ale
Carla Companion Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.png Instagram.pngGoogleplus.pngTumblr.png Anchor Brekle's Brown
Norman Miller Twitter.pngRss.jpgAmazon.pngPintrest.png Harpoon Grateful Harvest Ale
Mike Meredith Twitter.pngUntappd.pngInstagram.png Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale
Sean Jansen Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.pngInstagram.png Six point Apollo

News Topics

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Sean's photo from NERAX

Host Picks

  • Brian - Rising Tide Tempest
  • Sean - New Belgium Hoptober, Arbor Brewing Redsnapper Roasted Pale Ale, Elysian Hansel & Gretel
  • Mike - Cape Anne Pumpkin Imperial Stout, Cape Anne Rock Porter
  • Carla - Smuttynose Strawberry Short Weisse, Stillwater Bronze Age
  • Norm - Samuel Adams Merry Mischief, Jolly Pumpkin Sobrehumano

Labels of the Week

Norm signing books at Julio's


  • [1:01] - "I am the Robin to Seacoast Beverage Lab's Batman" - Mike
  • "No, we invented the plastic pink flamingo, so stuff it" - Norm

Upcoming Events

In the Chat Room

  • NHBrewer (Chris)
  • TheDarkSide (Stephen)
  • Alex
  • GoHoosiers