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Episode 15 - Chris Lohring of Notch Brewing

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Chris Lohring
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Carla Companion Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.png Instagram.pngGoogleplus.pngTumblr.png Rising Tide Tempest
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Special Guest

Notch Černé Pivo
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Chris Lohring - Founder Notch Brewing Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.png Instagram.png Notch Session Ale

Notch Brewing Facts

  • Launched in the Spring of 2010
  • Chris Lohring has been a professional brewer since 1993, most notably at the Tremont Brewery in Boston MA
  • Currently brewed at two locations
    • Ipswich Ale Brewery (Bottles & Draft)
    • Kennebunkport Brewery (Cask)

Talked About

Photo by Adam


  • "I've made a bad beer I just didn't release it" - Chris
  • "My definition is 4.5% or lower, so that you have an expectation when you buy my beers, you know what there going to be. So when you see Notch on tap you don't have to think about it unless you want to ask a more detailed question, you'll know my beers are lower than 4.5%" - Chris
  • “It’s the fault of the brewers that push the season ahead, especially Samuel Adams which wants to go a whole season ahead and release a spring beer at the end of December. It hurts everyone else because retailers set their shelves and dictate their seasonal program based on the industry leader which is Sam Adams." - Chris

Host Picks

Photo from Brian
  • Brian
    • Marshal Wharf Cant Dog Imperial IPA
    • Sierra Nevada Narwhal Imperial Stout
    • Night Shift Somer Weisse
  • Sean -
    • Cape Ann Brewing - Rockporter
    • Pretty Things & Boulevard Collaboration - Stingo
  • Carla -
    • Rising Tide Tempest
  • Norm
    • Wormtown Brewery Buddah's Juice
  • Adam
    • Boulevard Brewing Co. 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer
    • Samuel Adams Merry Mischief Gingerbread Stout
    • Baxter Brewing Co. Phantom Punch Winter Stout

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