Episode 20

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Episode 20 - Slubmrew

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Jeff Leiter and Caitlin Jewell
Host Connect Beer Sampled During Show
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Slumbrew Facts

Slumbrew's Flagship Beers

Slumbrew News

  • Canning of Happy Sol and FlagRaiser IPA in the future
  • Snow Angel coming out late January
  • New Location
    • Sign will read "Somerville Brewing Company"
    • Space selected
    • Possible ETA of Q4 2013
    • Start with 3-5 barrels

Other News

In the Chat Room

  • Chris
  • Brandon

Upcoming Events

  • January 15 - January Social with One Brick and Slumbrew - More Info
  • January 15 - Local Seafood and Cape Ann Brewing Beer Dinner - More Info
  • January 17 - Pemberton Farms Hosts Slumbrew - More Info
  • January 18-19 - Beer Summit, Boston - More Info
  • January 19 - Beers with Greg Koch - Stoddards Pub, Boston, MA - More Info
  • January 26 - Redhook Polar Grill Fest - More Info

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