Episode 26

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Episode 26 - Bull Ball Beer

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Wynkoop Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout
Host Connect Beer Sampled During Show
Brian Aldrich Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.png Instagram.png Youtube.png Boulevard Grainstorm Black Rye IPA
Norman Miller Twitter.pngRss.jpgAmazon.pngPintrest.png Sam Adams 26.2 Brew
Mike Meredith Twitter.pngUntappd.pngInstagram.png Woodstock Inn Autumn Ale
Sean Jansen Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.pngInstagram.png Henniker Brewing Hop Slinger


{{#ev:youtube|y1fV3edEdfE|300|right|Wynkoop Brewing Company's Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout}}

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