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Episode 32 - Cloudy with a Chance of Hefeweizen

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Tapping Portsmouth
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Beer Releases

Upcoming Events


NH Big Brew Day Locations

  • A&G Homebrew Supply - 165 High St Portsmouth , NH
    • BIG BREW DAY! We'll be brewing in our parking lot with the Seacoast Homebrew Club for the third year running. Want to brew, too? Just call the shop at 603.767.8235. Or just stop by for some great conversation, to see brewing in action and enjoy this downtown Portsmouth activity. We are also celebrating our 2nd Anniversary. Cheers! Free; outdoors; 10am-3pm.
  • Concord Area Homebrewers Big Brew 2013 - 35 River Road Bow , NH
    • Come join the Concord Area Homebrewers as they host the 2013 Big Brew in the parking lot of Young's Furniture in Bow, NH. Club members will be brewing on a variety of systems from the basic to the.....well, not so basic. Those new to brewing are welcome to stop by and see what it is all about. There may even be a homebrew or 2 to sample! The event runs from 10am till around 4pm There is plenty of room so if you want to participate (by this we mean brew!) please contact ed@concordhomebrewers.com for more information.
  • Kettle to Keg Homebrew Supplies - 123 Main Street Suncook , NH
    • Come and join us out back in our newly completed classroom brewery! For Big Brew 2013, we will have the hot dog roller spitting out some sausages, and the popcorn maker will be...well, er, making popcorn! Relax, have a homebrew, and chat about brewing with some like-minded folks. RSVP is encouraged but not required. Must be 21+ to attend. Event begins at 10am and ends at 3pm. Cheers!

MA Big Brew Day Locations

  • DIY Brewing Supply - 289 East Street Ludlow , MA
    • Come celebrate Big Brew Day with us. We'll be brewing from 11-7.

ME Big Brew Day Locations

  • MALT Flanders Red Big Brew Day - West Gardiner , ME
    • MALT has decided to make a Flanders Red Ale to fill our club oak barrel for Big Brew Day. Flanders Red Ales are complex sour beers that take over a year to develop their signature sour character. We're looking for at least 10 participants so each person gets about 5 gallons of finished beer.

2013 Harpoon Kettle Cup Video


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