Episode 43

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{{#ev:youtube|McNQuJjvHME|400|right|Episode 43 aired July 29, 2013}}

Episode 43 - No GABF For You

@nightshiftbeer gets #bestAirGuitar at #bbc13 (from 99BottlesBeer)

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Host Connect Beer Sampled During Show
Brian Aldrich Twitter.pngFacebook.pngRss.pngUntappd.pngInstagram.png Youtube.png Smuttynose / Stone Brewing Cluster's Last Stand
Carla Companion Twitter.pngFacebook.pngRss.pngUntappd.pngInstagram.pngGoogleplus.pngTumblr.png Two Roads No Limit Hefe
Mike Meredith Twitter.pngUntappd.pngInstagram.png Firmeman's Brew Brunette
Norman Miller Twitter.pngFacebook.pngRss.pngAmazon.pngPintrest.png Sierra Nevada Torpedo
Sean Jansen Twitter.pngFacebook.pngRss.pngUntappd.pngInstagram.png Uinta Sum'r


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