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{{#ev:youtube|3RFvcBkD134|400|right|Episode 72 airs Wednesday April 2, 2014.}}

Episode 72- Schlafly v Schlafly

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Other News

  • Beer Institute urges FDA to exempt American brewers from proposed regulation
  • Brewers Association announces Top 50 Breweries of 2013 (By Sales Volume)
  • Schlafly Beer trademark dispute with Phyliss Schlafly will head to trial
  • Craft beer exports up 49% in volume, $73 million in dollars per BA estimates for 2013
  • Six Degrees of Collaboration Seattle Beer Week IPA heading to bottles, draft
  • Alpine brews first batch of Nelson at Green Flash facility
  • Starbucks to roll out alcohol sales to thousands of more locations
  • DC self-importation law and Hill Farmstead
  • Milton Glaser is not impressed with your brewery’s artwork
  • Whole Foods to open brewpub at Houston location

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