Episode 8

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{{#ev:youtube|AumZJJZYDmg|400|right|Episode 8 aired October 1, 2012. Click here to play the video}}

Episode 8 - Growler on Board

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Host Connect Beer Sampled During Show
Brian Aldrich Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.png Instagram.png Youtube.png Dogfish Bitches Brew
Carla Companion Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.png Instagram.pngGoogleplus.pngTumblr.png Nepenthe Ales The Shire Stout
Norman Miller Twitter.pngRss.jpgAmazon.pngPintrest.png Brewmaster Jack Ambrewsia
Sean Jansen Twitter.pngFacebook.jpgRss.jpgUntappd.pngInstagram.png Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

Special Guest

  • Chad Lothian - If My Coaster Could Talk


Mike's Photo from Harpoon's Octoberfest

Talked About


  • "I only had the beer for the Untappd check-in." - Chad
  • "I only have 6 work shirts." - Norm
  • "Don't judge a Brewery by its barrel size." - Carla
  • "It's free, all you have to do is show up." - Sean

New Beers

Dirigo Crimson Lager by Bull Jagger Brewing Company from Portland, ME

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